Spring Into Technology!

by ricard | February 29th, 2012

This week sees the culmination of alot of hard work by our group. All 118 political cartoons are up on our website and are in the process of being tagged with appropriate terms. It took alot of sweat and hand cramps to edit all the photos of the cartoons to make them the most easily visable on the web and I am happy that process is over. Next we will move on to basic information labeling and then content labels.

I have to say I am a little nervous about being in charge of organzing and typing all the content labels. While I am a museum studies minor and have learned alot about labels, I can say truthfully that I am no where near as experianced as a museum professional. In light of that I am considering submitting a few of the labels to Jarod to see what advice he can give me about label writing. He was very helpful in discussing museum label mounting and design when he visited my museum studies lab. If he has time to help I’d love any advice he can give on the topic, especially since the web is a new media for museum people.

Over Spring Break, each of us in the group are researching terms and information concerning the cartoons in our divided sections, this mean I get to look into the Monroe Doctrine, the Cold War, some of the more well known artists and some of the miscellaneous topics. I will use all the research to hopefulyl write informative and entertaining labels to be placed on the web display next to a cartoon photo. May everyone’s Spring Break be fruitful and restful!


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