Digital Tramp Stamps?

by ricard | March 11th, 2012

For this week’s blog I looked at Personal Branding and the Age of Google, Digital Tattoo, and The Rise of Alter Egos in Everyone’s Space. The big lesson I tokk from visiting these three sites is to be careful with what you put online, because you never know who is going to look at it later. The Washington Post article about Alter Egos really spoke to me as I know a few people who go by alternate names on Facebook that I wouldnt have guessed if I hadnt been friends with them in person. I, like the writer, and not sure whether althernate names or alibis are a good idea or not. Sure it keeps random people and potential bosses from finding you and making judgements but it also alienates people who do actually know you but can’t seem to find all those pictures you took at their birthday party.

Another lesson I learned was about the amount of information you put on a site. Google can always find you and your past, no matter how many times you have deleted it from your site. This can be troubling for bosses looking for information about you or potential friends, inlaws, etc.

Digital Tattoo offered a well rounded idea of what it means to have a digital identity. It never occurred to me that what I read online, how I research, what I post on Facebook, and my UMW blogs is all part of my digital identity. Just like a fingerprint, these things combined make a unique person using the web. And just like all those things can say something unique to me they can also say bad things. If I post pictures of things I wouldn’t want my mother to see, I may end up with a digital tramp stamp. All those who saw it would be turned off from my prescense which could hurt me in the long run with future bosses, co-workers and other contacts.

All these sites have taught me that I ought to be very aware of what and where I post information on the web. I better watch out or my groovy new digital tattoo, newly inked in web blogs and Facebook, and Google, might become a digital tramp stamp.

2 Responses to “Digital Tramp Stamps?”

  1. kmatthews says:

    I like the idea of a ‘digital tramp stamp’ as you so call them because of how much information is logged with the internet. I think awareness is key especially about questionable posts and such. Like Laura said, I have friends too that go by different names. Privacy settings have made it easier to avoid that to some extent but for the most part it is still a justified worry.

  2. Laura says:

    I also have many friends on Facebook who have changed their names for privacy reasons – which I have noticed is more common now (2012) than before on Facebook (which I joined in 2006). This may be due to the fact that people have had time to become aware of the potential problems of personal information privacy on social networking sites. The idea of our own digital ‘finger print’ is an interesting way to look at how each individual uses the internet – it is a idea that gives a kind of organization to the multitude and seemingly chaotic information that we access from the internet daily (and even hourly!)