Deductive Reasoning Wins the Day!

by ricard | March 19th, 2012

Ok so this past week we were all supposed to create a digital e-portfolio for ourselves. Myself not being so tech savvy I created mine through word press, because its just so darn simple to use. Although I still had some problems pasting content from Word, such as my resume and linking PDFs. If anyone knows how to link PDFs to word press pages please show me, cause even after googling I’m clueless. I wanted to include some of my fashion history papers under the academic tab on my portfolio. Other than that creating the pages and organizing the site was super easy and I even figured out how to personalize the back ground and header pictures without using a theme.

I am super excited to say that research over the past week for my section of the political cartoons has been going really well. I was stumped with one cartoon that to me seemed to clearly depict the events of Cuban Missile Crisis but was dated 1972-176 tentatively. I studied the cartoon art carefully and after determining that the cartoon was done all in graphite, I concluded that it was a candidate for further research on date accuracy based on that; into the 70s ink pens were becoming the new medium for cartoon artists. The artist of the cartoon, Jack Knox, also was at the height of his career in the 60s and was retired by 75. Also Nikita Kruschev, who was depicted in the cartoon, died in 71. After working with Jarod down at the museum we pried up the matting to discover on the back of the cartoon a different newspaper AND date than what was listed in the database. I was correct at calling the date of the cartoon as 61! I was super psyched that my deductive reasoning payed off!

I also was stumped with a particular artist named Berryman. In the museum database there were two Berrymans listed, a C.K. and a G.K. In order to further research the artist and time period, I needed to know which initials where correct. After examining and comparing the signatures on the cartoons by Berryman,and  googling both initials for popularity and prominence in history, Jarod and I concluded that the correct name was C.K. Berryman also known as Clifford K. Berryman, the man who invented Teddy Roosevelt’s nickname by depicting him in a cartoon with a bear cub. Jarod was very helpful and we felt very much like Sherlock and Watson after solving two mysteries in one day!

I can only hope this week brings as much success as last week and I am looking forward to doing more digging on this very unique and special collection.

One Response to “Deductive Reasoning Wins the Day!”

  1. kmatthews says:

    YAY! So happy you figured out the C.K/G.K. mystery! And what an interesting story to go along with the identity. Also, great detective work with dating stuff. I’m horrible at remembering/figuring out dates…I usually only remember a few of the numbers and that doesn’t really help in most cases. I can’t help with the PDF problem but maybe you could tweet someone from DTLT for help. Sounds like you’re making great progress!