by ricard | March 28th, 2012

Ok so exciting news is exciting! We have been having some trouble hunting down sources about some of the political cartoonists in our collection. After C.K. Berryman was confirmed last week I was jonesing to take on another quest. So I decided to take on a certain Sparling, of whom we had lots of cartoons but no information. While others in my group had tried googling this guy and using library databases to dig up information, nothing had surfaced but a comic artist.

I decided to take a different approach. After yesterday’s class where we talked about data mining and specificity of search terms I had an idea-perhaps we were using the wrong search terms or getting stuck in the research by simply looking for a person with the name. So I googled Sparling’s name but I added the term “signature.” I was aware that the comic artist would come up and that he was the right time period for our collection. What I wanted to see was if his signature was anything like the ones on our cartoons. After a laborious search I finally found an originally signed comic. Prognosis: Positive. The handwriting was a dead on match for our artist. After a little more searching under his comic career I discovered that Sparling had started doing editorial cartoons before moving to comics.

So I am pleased to announce that the Sparling mystery is solved. What will I research next? It will be up to what the others are having trouble with, but I am thankful that my section on Monroe and the Cold War has been pretty smooth sailing thanks to the JFK Library and Museum site, who have wonderful transcriptions of his speeches and resources out the wazoo. Happy digitizing groups! See you tomorrow where I will say all this again and then some! Lol!

3 Responses to “Progress!!”

  1. kay21w says:

    That is so exciting! I am so glad you were able to solve one of the mystery’s you were working on! The work you guys have done so far is awesome! I am glad things are coming together for the site and I can’t wait to check it out when you are finished! 🙂

  2. ricard says:

    Well with this collection the big mystery is why they all ended up at the James Monroe Museum. Only 8 of the cartoons have anything to do with Monroe! Most of the artists are known to us but sometimes we run across one that takes a little more digging to discover their history. But that’s what makes this project so fun!

  3. kpartenh says:

    I’m happy that you were able to solve your mystery! 🙂 Have you come across any other comics that are creating a mystery or have you pretty much got the rest of the comics figured out?