Press Release

by ricard | April 3rd, 2012

From Immediate Release                                           April 2012

James Monroe Political Cartoons Site to Launch

Andrew Becken, Rachel Icard, Rachel Luehrs and Heather Thompson are pleased to present a web exhibit and digital archive of the political cartoon collection of the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library. The collection encompasses cartoons ranging in date from 1850 to the 1960s. They also range in topics from FDR, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, World Wars and Political Partisanship. Our goal with this project was to display the complete collection of one hundred and eighteen cartoons in a digital format. The site will go live on April 24, 2012. The URL is

For more information on our project, come to the Creativity Day Presentations in the Great Hall on April 17, 2012 or Spring 2012 History Symposium on April 27, 2012 in Monroe Hall. We will be presenting our website and sharing our experiences and reflections at both of these events. Both events are sponsored by the University of Mary Washington. For more information about attending the events please contact Dr. Jeffery McClurken at

Specials thanks to Dr. McClurken and the UMW History Department, Jarod Kearney, and Scott Harris, the curator and director of the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library, Paige Gibbons, the brilliant intern for taking all the photographs of the collection, and Jim Groom and the UMW Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies.


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