The End Is Near…

by ricard | April 19th, 2012

So I haven’t updated in a while-my schedule has been super super busy this last week, compounded with a newly sprained ankle and voluntering for yet another extra-curricular. However I am happy to report that the ankle is healing spectacularly and my extra activites have been rewarding and more stress relieving than inflicting. As for our project, I am so glad that the end is near.

While this project has taught me so much about using digital tools, and I have enjoyed throughly working with my group and sharing the journey towards our final site, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy the semester is almost over. As it is there is only a few things left for my group to do. Andrew and Rachel have to figure out what they want to do with our glossary page, if there is even going to be one, (not likely) and Heather has to get the Timeline up. At long last DTLT figured out a way for us to have one and I am super excited to see how it will look when Heather gets done with it.

I have a few more pages to collaborate on such as the related links and resources page, where we are compiling helpful sites about political cartooning and the like, and citations to upload. I am having the most trouble with formatting them. I used one site that had pages upon pages about the Cuban Missile Crisis for almost all my section of cartoons, because all the James Monroe related ones were about the policies of the Monroe Doctrine in relation to the Crisis. Problem is, it seemed to be a compilation site, where multiple contirbutors had built it, and I wasn’t sure who to give credit to. Luckily the page had copyright information at the bottom. Whew!

I am super excited to present during the History Symposium! As a junior I see this as a chance to get experience with the presentation I will have to take on next year alone, and what better way than to practice. I agree that during out Research and Creativity Day presentation we were a little vague on things that people would not necessarily understand, such as the Dublin Core and other functions of Omeka. We forgot that our audience had not spent the past months working with it. Lol. Hopefully the next time we will remember to go slow and keep it simple.

Looking forward to making the final push and presenting for the last time. I invited Jarod Kearny from the James Monroe Museum to come and see our presentation and he said he was lookign forward to it. I think I will email Martha Burtis and Jim Groom to invite them as well. I also am inviting my roomate, who lovingly took care of me and brought me snacks when I was sitting on the floor editing cartoon #58 and all the way to #114. I want to her see that it was all worth it.

Keep it classy, digital history friends. Wish I was in San Diego. See you on Tuesday!

2 Responses to “The End Is Near…”

  1. Laura says:

    The time line should really pull all of your information together! Luckily I presented my thesis in the Fall, so I am not too nervous about Friday presentations. We have our group members too, so there’s less pressure on us as individuals. It’s nice to see how far each of our groups have come and I really like all of the updated formats of everyone’s site, especially your groups change to the new Omeka site, layout, and color scheme.

  2. kay21w says:

    I am glad things worked out with your timeline! I am sure that you will do wonderfully during the presentation and I can’t wait to see the final version of your site on Friday!